ZZP’ers: Welcome to an exciting globalising world.

Welcome to The Unifee Group, Ltd.

Test Concepts, Ltd, together with SpotON Solutions BV and a bevy of other companies under it’s umbrella, are the prime group of multinationally oriented consultants in the Netherlands who want to respond to globalizing trends.

We are all former “ZZP’ers” who found the limitations of that status debilitating.

We now have clients and prospects in many international locations, and we can implement solutions in a host of countries, including Holland, Begium, Germany, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Spain, Dubai, Surinam, Tanzania, the Dutch Antilles and Aruba.

In many we have local offices so we can locally manage business and projects.

Our unique selling proposition is found in our structure that in other contexts would be characterised as a Family Office. This, you can normally only find amongst the fairly wealthy…

Our key performance comes to the fore, as we are able to take in more Consultants, and they, through increased entrepreneurship, become Associates and eventually, Partners.
Our structure scales well. We help former ZZP’ers to break free from the constraints of a single (tax) jurisdiction and afford international planning of projects, activities, and indeed, your life’s long term planning.

We can manage, organise and execute complex, international projects and handle their financial, fiscal and technical aspects directly, or through established partners all over the world.

Test Concepts Ltd and SpotON Solutions BV are members of The Unifee Group of Companies in the United Kingdom.

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